Tambo Defends his Mugabe Interview

People Of The South presenter Dali Tambo on Monday defended his interview with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe after it was called a “public relations exercise” by a CapeTalk567 radio presenter.

“What do you mean a PR exercise? What you wanted me to do was to say to him, ‘you’re lying, Robert Mugabe you’re a liar. That’s not true, how dare you say that? You’re a bloody liar’,” Tambo shouted.

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

This was in response to CapeTalk567 presenter Kieno Kammies saying he had been disappointed by the interview broadcast on SABC3 on Sunday night.

“Is that what you think an interview is?” Tambo continued.

Kammies said his view was in the light of events in that country in the past 10 to 12 years, which included “land grabs”, human rights violations and political violations.

In an audio clip of the interview posted on Kammies’s Twitter profile, Tambo says: “Listen, the first thing to understand about People Of The South: we are not Hard Talk (a BBC interview show).

“I get weary of saying this. If you’ve watched any of the shows you will know that we are ‘people’ of the south, not ‘politics’ of the south. We deal in people. And whether that person is an artist or a politician, I deal partly with what they do in their work, and partly with who they are, okay.”

That format did not change for Mugabe.

“If you start the interview hating him, and you go in there with a closed mind, that’s your problem. I present the man as he actually is, and you must take what you want from it. Those are his answers to my questions. I covered pretty much every part of the guy’s life, the bad and the good.”

Tambo, the son of anti-apartheid leaders Oliver and Adelaide Tambo, said that before his interview, “You had never heard a word the guy said in consecutive conversation before”.

When Kammies asked why he had not asked a question about recent human rights reports, Tambo said: “Why would I, when I have got 48 minutes to do the life of an 89-year-old man, raise the human rights report that you are talking about?

“Why is that central to 89 years of a man’s life? A recent human rights report? There have been many human rights reports… How many human rights reports do you think there are on Great Britain, on the US, on all kinds of great countries?”

He had his own interview style, he continued.


“If you want to go and interview Robert Mugabe about the human rights report, that’s your prerogative. I covered a lot of things. Don’t obsess on what you want me to obsess on, because it’s my interview, you understand.”

He had to reduce over two hours of footage to 48 minutes for the show. It previously featured Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille and Public Protector Thuli Madonsela.

“Please understand, I am not a politician. I am not there to do the trial of Robert Mugabe, as much as you would like me to do.”

He said he had received compliments after the show, even from people who “despise” Mugabe.

The interview ended with Kammies saying he could not continue with Tambo shouting over him.

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Source: Zimbabwe Mail (SAPA)


  1. lpatterton says:

    Dali, so how many farms did you receive in exchange?

  2. Mabutho says:

    Kammies shut up and run his show,he talks of “land grabs”,wtf we as Zimbabweans only know of a successful and highly neccessary land reform programme,if you have no respect for Tambo shut up.

  3. Well done, Dali don`t mind the haters..After all Mugabe is human, just like every one else..

  4. I have the greatest respect for Dali Tambo and watch his programme every week. However, I chose not to watch the Mugabe show as I knew it would upset me – Dali is unfailingly polite and it would have annoyed me to watch him being nice to the Arch Tyrant! Self-censorship – and the beauty of the remote control! Hit the off button and watch a dvd to save my sanity ……….

  5. fungai makoni says:

    Dali…hats off…do what you need to do…Bob is a great legion for Zimbabwe and Africa and it was good to hear that he is just as human as the rest of us without getting embroiled into circular political issues…

  6. Bob 89 says:

    Well done Dali. If they want to ask him about Human Rights reports let them go and ask Bob for an interview.Why not ask Bush abt Human rights in countries they invaded some of these reporters just want to be in the limelight.Bob is my man

  7. Striker Stompie says:

    Well done Kieno. Neither Bush, nor Bob, nor Obama. For that matter not Verwoerd or PW or Erdogan. If you are a supporter of No1 or Mugabe you probably don’t know who Erdogan is… But people, you worry me when you can still worship ANY devil.

  8. Raggady says:

    People of the South is a great show , I liked it when I was a kid in the 1990’s through my grandmother as it was her FAVORITE show. I was so excited that it was back on my screen again. I like Dali’s approach to interviews, it has a certain level of intellect and is very professional. I don’t like Mugabe but I enjoyed the show. My experience with the show from when I was growing up, was that I found it to be a very relaxing show, calm and peaceful. You just had to sit back, relax and enjoy the talks Dali had with a lot of people and the laughter they shared. I always liked the idea of him sitting outside with his interviewees on a lawn and a very nice outdoor scenery. He created calm environment for the interviews as well as that of a viewer chilling at home on a couch on a Sunday evening. So I just want to say that different TV programmes are meant for different things and People of the South has its own thing going so just understand what People of the South is all about.

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