[FFZE Pictures] No water, no power – what has our government done for us?

No running water, frequent blackouts and garbage piling up by the side of the road — these are the scenes of daily life for people in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare. In what should be a prosperous and progressive nation, enjoying the proceeds of world-class natural resources including diamonds, gold and silver, Zimbabweans live in conditions of squalor, hunger and disease thanks to the economic mismanagement of the government of President Robert Mugabe, who has been in power since independence in 1980.

The lack of basic services is being cited as an election issue for many people as they head to the polls on July 31. Mr Mugabe has promised economic renewal but offers no policies. His main rival, Morgan Tsvangirai, has promised economic renewal but does not say how he will pay for it. The country is broke — taxes unpaid and siphoned into the pockets of Mr Mugabe’s cronies and his supporters in the military and police. Zimbabwe needs tens of billions of dollars in investment just to bring public services — water, electricity, garbage collection, roads, hospitals — up to the most basic standards. It is doubtful that the politicians and generals who live in well-serviced mansions in the better-off parts of town look through the tinted windows of their imported limousines long enough to see how the average Zimbabwean citizen endures.


A Free and Fair Zimbabwe Election Exclusive


  1. edgar wright says:

    The people of Zimbabwe must bring change to their country, stop being a lot of sissies and do it man.

  2. Que Klyve says:

    Yo People Gotta Bring Old Rhodesia Back To its Feet. World is changing and yo are being left behind by One Man Who’s Close To die or go Mad. Yo need sum change and The Only Way To Do That is By Freeing your land from the hands of this So Called Father of Zimbabwe

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