[FFZE] Mugabe: I Will Not Cheat, Army Will Not Intervene in Vote

With one day to go, Mugabe promises to go if he loses election

By Don Gwara in Harare for FFZE:

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe promised on Tuesday that he will not to cheat to ensure victory in the general election and that the army will not intervene if the result do not go his way.Mugabe pressa at State 01

“We have never done it (cheating) before. We are not going to elections for the first time, we have had elections before, democratic elections,” Mr Mugabe said.

“The West might not have accepted them as democratic but our own people, they know we have done no cheating, never ever,” he told reporters.

“I don’t control the electoral process. I comply with the electoral law and I move in accordance with the demands of the electoral process. I am very obedient. I am a lawyer myself. I am also a person who believes in order.”

Mr Mugabe’s was speaking at his last press conference before Wednesday’s poll, widely seen as a last chance both for him, at 89 years old, and his rival for the presidency, Morgan Tsvangirai who leads the MDC-T party. Mr Tsvangirai, 61, is going up against Mr Mugabe for the third time and is unlikely to gain his party’s support for another attempt.

The election has been plagued with logistical and organisation problems that many observers believe have replaced violence as a Mugabe tactic to ensure his ZANU-PF party prevails. Partisan security services have pledged loyalty to him, and even provided protection at ZANU-PF rallies across the country.

Mr Mugabe said, however, that concerns about military intervention to ensure he remains in power were unfounded. Statements by army generals that they will not support a leader without liberation war credentials — a clear reference to Mr Tsvangirai — did not reflect the official position, he said.

“You are putting it as if all generals say so. If one or two say so it’s just those one or two, they are not the army. And they are not the authority anyway, that was their own view,” the president said.

“They (soldiers) are law-abiding people, very law-abiding. It’s military discipline that they obey, not the discipline you and I are used to.”

Mr Mugabe said his chances of winning Wednesday’s vote are as high as they were when he became the country’s leader at independence.

“Our chances are as good as the chances we had in 1980. It’s a comeback, the people have realised that they had lost direction and they are back,” he said. “I think we will have outright results, I don’t think we will have that same result” as in 2008 when an inconclusive outcome forced ZANU-PF into a coalition with MDC-T and the smaller MDC.

He said that despite having little regard for the opinion of the European Union or the United States, which have imposed sanctions in retaliation for human rights abuses, he declared Zimbabwe “friendly,” especially towards Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

One of the chief issues for Zimbabweans in this election is mismanagement of the economy. Unemployment is astronomical and industry has been driven into non-existence. Millions of Zimbabweans have fled abroad, millions more at home rely on food handouts.

Having said he would accept the result of the election “win or lose,” Mr Mugabe was asked what he would do with his time if he had to retire.

“You are asking a man who is 89 years old about how to spend his time. I am an educationist; I am an economist; I am a politician; I am also now a good storyteller, you know. I could spent my time telling stories or writing them.”


Source FFZE


  1. Mtengwa ngonidzashe says:

    So far so gud.

  2. Dickson says:

    At 89 Mugabe is as articulate as a youth, The crowds still follow him. We only go to tsvanirai rallies to do window shoping but i can tell you Mugabe’s vintage fashion is far better than tsvangirai’s foreign designer fashion which he himself cannot fully understant. Mugabe crowds are die hard real supporters Tsvangirai crowds are mostly window shoppers itching for a quick change in the economic affairs of the country but they soon discover that Tsvangirai is not the right person to deliver that.

  3. mwana wevhu says:

    All Generals will resign if chematama wins I wll also change citizenship

  4. mwana wevhu says:

    All Generals will resign if chematama win I wll also change citizenship

  5. zoom in on his legs,akazvimba ,the old man needs to rest

  6. The Black Aristocrat says:

    Mugabe is talking and acting like a man with the self confidence of someone who knows it will not matter if every single registered voter casts their vote against him – because his riggers have ensured he will still have enough rigged ‘votes’ to ‘win’ outright in the first round.

    In no democracy anywhere in the world has an incumbent President ever been returned to office by the electors when unemployment has reached 50%, let alone Zimbabwe’s/Mugabe’s utterly disastrous 95%!

    As their is no way in hell, Mugabe and his military henchmen will ever willingly give up their billionaire lifestyles – you can take it for certain this election has already been stolen if Mugabe says the Army will not intervene if he loses !

  7. #.com zim says:

    Game over God is in control

  8. bamkuru says:

    Stupid reporting how can you put in brackets (cheating) and want us to think Mugabe is saying they have cheated before

  9. bamkuru says:

    MDC has no real solutions for Zimbabwe besides opposing Zanu. They are going to fail again and this time its last nail on the coffin for them and the Illuminati western powers they are trying to bring into the country. They want to bring evil into our country lesbianism etc and be puppets. Want us to wait for donor money and foreign investment when we have our own resources and great people in there. Zimbabweans can stand on their own. We have got it all we are running systems across the world.!!!!!! South Africa has given varungu all the power and blacks are languishing in poverty, grugs and violence!!! Did you know that we currently do not own even space above Zimbabwe we rent it. How stupid and you want to give back land to whites. Fools

  10. Blessings makono says:

    He must go!let him give chance 2others 2rule de country,he has done his part pliz.

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