Zanu-PF to cement dominance

ZANU-PF will cement its dominance in Chipinge by championing pro-poor programmes that will uplift the lives of ordinary people in the area, the party’s Manicaland provincial chairman has said. Addressingflag_of_zanu-pf

hundreds of people who attended Dr Win Mlambo’s victory celebrations in Chipinge East constituency last Saturday, Ambassador John Mvundura commended the people for voting Zanu-PF during the July 31 harmonised elections.

He said the party would pay back by fulfilling election promises made during the run-up to the polls.
“We shall ensure that the promises we made during the run-up to elections are fulfilled.

“Your National Assembly members will work with the provincial office to ensure that pro-poor programmes that benefit the livelihood of many are promoted in order to cement our winning ways in Chipinge.

“People want results and I want to urge Dr Mlambo to work hand-in-glove with the community and better their lives.”

He said the party would not tolerate subtle divisions in Chipinge that are threatening party activities there.

“We don’t want people who distort party processes here in Chipinge, people who peddle lies for personal benefit.

“In order to ensure that Zanu-PF dominates in this area, the party has to be united and that unity only comes through discipline and observing party protocols,” he said.

Concerns had been raised during the celebrations that there was deliberate distortion of party policies in Chipinge by some cadres who wanted to settle personal scores at the expense of party politics.

Speaking at the celebrations, Dr Mlambo, who was subsequently appointed  Deputy Minister of Information  Communication Technology, Postal and  Courier Services, said the party went  through hard times  to  win  the  seat  from  MDC-T.

He said the electorate had been fed with a distorted view of Zanu-PF.
“We endured a lot during campaigns for we were trying to convince an electorate that had been told shocking lies about Zanu-PF.

“However, we did not give up and we worked hard with the campaigning team to win the seat back.
“A lot of things need to be done in this constituency and we will sit down with everyone and come up with programmes that have an input from the people,” he said.



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Source: Manica Post

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